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Another benchmark is earmarked in the history of YEOLA,NASHIK, when  we   reached back at MUMBAI Chatrapati Shivaji Airport  on 8 th of NOVEMBER ,2015 after  we completed the NASA  expedition .The program  was flagged off on 27 th November by the parents and near ones of  students with lots of  excitement and enthusiasm. The moment when boarded the flight to Newyork was the moment of dream come true to all the students and our principal Dr.Mahesh.Iyer as our chaperon. The foggy and drizzling  Orlando welcomed all of us with open hands ,was the moment of ultimate pleasure  for all of us. The illuminated night was an Orlando experience for all .we had dinner and took rest in Rossen Inn at Orlando.
The first day morning when we reached SEA WORLD to experience the wonders of sea  was really chilling like ANTARTICA  along with thousands of  live penguins. The WHALE SHOW and DOLPHIN SHOW stole the hearts of all with raised eyebrows.
  The water rides reminded us about our childwood. The Spiderman ride and harry porter rides were really thrilling and took us to another world of fancy with live water experience and  fairy tale characters. The water rides with jurasic park gave us  an existing  feel  of being with huge dinosaurs and ancient  animals talking to us. At the dine of the day with sea world  we felt that it was an enthralling experience for all of us and we said farewell  to our beloved sea experience with tears.

  The main objective of this   international excursion  was to get NASA educational experience and space training. The next day When we boarded into the vehicle towards NASA  was our dream come true day for us. We reached NASA at 10 am  took the entrance tickets and stepped into NASA with proud feel  that we are going to experience the live demos of space research and  interact with various Astronauts. When we saw  audio visuals  about space research and space experience of various astronauts we could see our much respected KALPANA CHAWLA too among  the others .It was a moment of pride when THE  ASTRONOUNT Mr. WINSTON E. SCOTT in his 2 hours training told that he and his family had dinner with  our own Kalpana chawla and the precious moments spend with her  in space journey. With lots of fun and frolic we also got an opportunity to feel the experience of being in space. We had fun and paining feel when we had zero gravity feel, revolving in the seat   of a  pilot  and  control the space shuttle with live demos of the same. We had the great opportunity to  interact with the astronaut having  lunch with the astronauts  in THE HALL OF FAME. Rocket garden,3D I, MAX FILM , journey to ATLANTIS SPACE SHUTTLE were the main attractions in the KENNADY SPACE CENTRE.  After the training each one of us got the CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION, which was the moment of ultimate pride for each one of us.
 The day went on with UNIVERSALS – with  island of adventure. We had more fun with water rides which were enthralling with our principal sir too. The coco beach experience was recreational for each one of us inside  clean ,hygiene and blue water waves.
The illuminated and night sight of  NIAGRA WATER FALLS  was an eye opener  to us. THE BUITY OF NIAGRA AT NIGHT WAS CAPTURED WELL IN OUR RETINA THROUGH CAMERA SHOOTS. When we witnessed the movie about the sacrifice made by people for Niagra was very much touching. When we could touch and feel the waters of NIAGRA through the MAID OF  THE MIST we felt as if in the sky at the midst of CANADA AND AMERICA. WASHINGTON DC,US CAPITOL ,SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM,WAR MEMORIALS AND WHITE HOUSE   all were the first experience for us. When we reached the most hilarious city of the world ,THE NEWYORK we were at the top of the world. TIME SQUARE,CHINA TOWN,BROOKLIN,EMPIRE STATE BUILDING,WALL STREET AND GROUND ZERO  were our dream places to visit which we fulfilled in this educational program successfully. The moment we reached AT  STATUE OF LIBERTY was a memorable one.
 The entire education trip helped us to understand different cultures of the world and to   cherish our memories of NASA  and Newyork. When we boarded to the flight towards MUMBAI  we bid farewell to all our cherish able memories with our heavy hearts. We really are very much charged with all the memorable moments of NASA TRIP. Thanks to the almighty to make our dream true through our school authorities and our parents to relish us with all the facilities.
                                                                       Vidya international school, yeola, Nashik, Maharashtra.