Admission Criteria For School

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Admission Criteria For School

All the admission criteria should be met before the enrollment of the students in our school


 For admission in Witty International School, we normally expect the child to have completed the following age as on the 30th September of the academic year against the respective classes, as follows:

Play group 2 years
Nursery 3 years
Jr. Kg. 4 years
Sr. Kg 5 years
Grade I 6 years
Grade II 7 years
Grade III 8 years
Grade IV 9 years
Grade V 10 years
Grade VI 11 years
Grade VII 12 years
Grade VIII 13 years


The Principal will take decisions for children having slight variation in the age eligibility factor after taking an undertaking from the parents that the child may be shifted to a lower class or retained in the same class in case the child does not cope with the academics.

Class Size:

The students strength is restricted to:
•    22 - 25             in Play group and Nursery classes.
•    25 - 30             in Jr. KG and Sr. KG.
•    35 - 40             for Grade I to Grade X

Once a class is full, no admissions will be granted in that class.