School Uniform & Appearance

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1. Students are expected to dress and behave in a manner appropriate to the member ship of the school and should observe the uniform regulations throughout the school day and on such occasions as shall be announced.

2. Correct and tidy school uniform with identity card must be worn daily by the students. Students without the same will not be permitted in.

3. There is no formal school uniform for Play Group and Nursery. However, the Red T - Shirt must be worn by students while going for outdoor field trips and picnics.

4. For Jr. Kg. to Grade X - Boys - Yellow Shirt and Blue Denim Half Pants/Full Pants. Girls - Yellow Shirt and Blue Denim Capri / Skirt / Pants.Blue Tie with school emblem.

6. Socks and shoes as per sample approved by the school. Black colour belt, wrist watch with black strap and black hair accessories as recommended by school.

7. All students will have to wear the Sports uniform once a week for sport activities. The sports uniform shall include House colour T-shirt and Track pant , shoes and school socks (common for both regular school uniform and sports unifo

8. To maintain uniformity, the school has authorized branded vendors for the supply of school uniform and all items will be available at cost at their outlet. The student is expected to come daily in complete prescribed school uniform only.

9. The school has taken due efforts in analyzing the quality of the fabric selected for the uniform and has tried to select the best available fabric for its students. Also, school has taken due care in bargaining and negotiating with the vendor to keep the rates competitive for our students. However, the school shall in no way entertain any complaints pertaining to the quality of the uniform, rates, colour fading, stitching issues, outlet services issues etc. The dealing for uniform will be strictly between the parents and vendor only and school shall no way interfere between both the parties.

10. The school's responsibility with regards to the uniform is strictly focused and limited to finalizing the best quality available at competitive rates, uniform colour and pattern and providing the school logo in order to maintain uniformity among the students. The school shall be in no way responsible for the quality of the uniform, rates, colour fading, stitching issues, outlet services issues, etc. and shall not entertain any such complaints.

11. Students are required to be neat and clean in their general appearance. Girls should have their hair plaited or tied neatly and boys should have their hair trimmed. Hair may not be coloured, tinted or highlighted. The school believes in simplicity and students are not permitted to wear ostentatious or expensive items like jewellery, fancy watches, wristbands or similar accessories in the school. Only plain black colour hair bands, ribbons, rubber bands, belts etc. are allowed.

12. Sweaters/Cardigans should be of plain dark blue only. No other colours or fancy designs will be allowed in the school premises.

13. Fingernails must be cut short and kept clean.