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Parents are requested to ensure that homework is done regularly by the students. By 'Homework' the school refers to the entire gamut of academic follow-up that takes place at home and not necessarily just written work. At the Primary School level, student's time out of school should be their own time in which they pursue their own interests, hobbies and play. Often students are tired from the intensive teaching they have had during the day. Therefore, the school does not set excessive homework. However, at the Secondary level students are expected to submit their completed homework / worksheets on scheduled dates itself.
Birthday Celebrations

The school recognizes that birthdays are special occasions for students and parents, and requests that birthday celebrations at school are kept simple. The school does not permit distribution of candies, toffees, chocolates or any take-home presents for students or teachers. Parents are permitted to send half / one Kg Eggless cakes only. Parents won't be allowed to participate in the celebration in the class room.

On their birthday, students are free to wear clothes of their choice that conform to norms of modesty. Photography and Videography of the celebration are strictly not allowed.