Skit on "Sleeping beauty".

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Anyone who has worked with young children knows that they learn chiefly by exploring their world using their imagination and engaging in pretend play. The link between imaginative, or pretend play, and language is particularly strong. Communicational and conversational skills develop as children develop scenarios, assign roles and direct the action  and slip "in and out of multiple roles".

This imaginary play gives the child an understanding of the power of language and, by including others in his games, he learns that words make it possible for him to tell a story or organize a game.

Acknowledging the importance of this aspect of a child's development, Vidya International School,Yeola arranged  a dramatic play on Sleeping Beauty where children acted out their fantasies.

Obviously, then, the active participation required in a drama lesson involved not only the intellect but also children's imagination and emotions. By encouraging self-expression, drama motivated children to use language confidently and creatively.