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Another exciting year is just about to begin and it’s my pleasure to share with everyone the good news regarding the performance of our School in the ICSE Examination For the Academic Year 2016-17  For this cohort, the school has maintained its high average score for those who attained the school and has made good progress in terms of the percentage of our students who achieving the passing marks. 
Our students’ stellar achievements is testimony of the effort and hard work put in by our students, the teachers who have structured and guided their learning, and our parents who have done so much to support them.
Beyond results, VIS is about developing our students as whole-persons.  Character development and leadership are just as important to us as academic results.  Over the last academic year, the school had done well with many new initiatives through out all levels to enhance our students’ learning. 

At the primary level, Character building and leadership were our key areas of focus.  Not only were there more opportunities for our student leaders to hone their leadership skills through organizing events, the MindUp programme had also laid the foundation for our children to manage their emotions and cultivate positive attitudes towards life.

At the secondary level, the enhanced House system provided a platform for our students from all levels to interact and foster a strong sense of belonging to the school.  In many ways, students were more involved in the decision-making process and had to take responsibilities for their actions.  From initiatives proposed by the 3 councils (Student Council, Management Council, and Sports Council), to service learning projects and the running of camps, our students were placed at the forefront to think on their feet and learn to work with one another.

We are also thankful to many parents and oragnizations that have contributed in many terms.

At our school, our reachers are the role models to for every students. After the home, the next best person to inculcate moral values is the teacher. At various times, a teacher is called to be a mentor, counselor, nurse, surrogate parent, and guide. She has many hats to wear. The success of a our school lies with our teachers as they can juggle these hats as and when needed.

In the coming academic year, students in VES can also look forward to a wider range of opportunities to stretch themselves beyond the classroom through greater participation in school events and inter-school competitions.  The teachers will also be working on our existing curriculum to sharpen the learning of our students in the academic areas.

Welcome back to another exciting new year....

Mrs. Shubhangi Shinde

Head Mistress